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View Dozens of Valuable Video Demonstrations of Skating Elements, With Zoom and Slow Playback Abilities:

>Video Clips of All Skating Elements most commonly taught in National "Learn to Skate" Programs

>Video Clips of Advanced Freeskating Elements and Steps

>Video Clips of all Basic Jumps

>All Single and Double Jumps up to Double Axel

>Basic to Advanced Spins

There is Much to Learn About the Sport of Figure Skating! Challenge and Educate Yourself With:

>Glossary of Figure Skating Terms
>Testing and Competition
>Skates and Equipment
>Parent Guide
>Figure Skating Fitness

Test Yourself and Select Your Level of Difficulty With SK8 Sports' Multiple Choice Q & A's

Record Yourself or a Student and Analyze With the SK8 Sports Recorder

Chat About Figure Skating With Other Skaters Through the Ice Chat


Stay Informed on Figure Skating Terminology As You Entertain Yourself With These Fun Games and Trivia:

>Dress Up
>Word Search
>Crossword Puzzles
>Matching Game
>Zami Ice Smoother
>Skating Trivia


Ever Felt Like There Was So Much to Learn About the Sport of Figure Skating? Well Here You Can Find All of Your Answers and Educate Yourself With:

>Glossary of Figure Skating Terms
>Skating Moves
>Figure Skating Disciplines
>Divisions / Test Structure
>Skates and Equipment
>Parent Guide
>Figure Skating Fitness
>Competition Resources

Test Yourself and Select Your Level of Difficulty With SK8 Sports' Multiple Choice Q & A's



Figure Skating App

SK8 Sports is an incredible resource for figure skating information and education with video clips, sports video motion analysis, games and much more. This modern technology is designed for skaters of all ages and abilities and is always handy on your smart phone. Use it on the ice, in the stands, at home or anywhere!*


Educate yourself about figure skating. Learn to recognize all the figure skating moves and help reinforce the skills your child has learned in “Learn to Skate” or private lesson classes.


Having trouble with your "T" Stop, Double Flip or the sit spin? Play the video clip at full speed or frame by frame and learn from the valuable tips included with the video. The video clip demonstrations help to build skills and understanding. It will also help skaters who are working towards the proficiency tests of Learn to Skate Programs or official testing of national skating organizations.


Choose from the extensive video clip skills library. Use them on or off ice with your students as a valuable visual aid. There are great video clips of basic to elite figure skating elements that can be viewed in slow motion, stop or zoom mode.

Use the motion analysis feature to video your students for playback in slow motion. Then draw on screen to help clarify mistakes. Save the video for future study.

Kids of all ages

Stuck in the airport or at a restaurant with nothing to do? The games will definitely keep you or your child busy for hours. They include Word Search, Dress up, Crossword Puzzles, Hangman, Matching Game, Skating Trivia, Ice Resurface Game, and Ice Chat!

Educational Resources for all

Includes, how to prepare for competition, Equipment, Testing and Skating Vocabulary.

IMPORTANT - SK8 Sports is designed for educational and entertainment purposes only. It is meant to supplement (not replace) the instruction that figure skaters receive in “Learn to Skate” group classes and private lessons. Figure skating is a strenuous, physically demanding and potentially dangerous activity. It should at all times be taught under the guidance and supervision of experienced professional instructors and coaches. As with any sport, you should be cleared by your personal physician before taking up figure skating.

It should be noted that opinions about skating technique vary widely and that the information you see in SK8 Sports may differ from the information you receive from your coach or instructor. There are multiple correct ways and techniques to perform most skills. When in doubt, always defer to the opinion of your coach or instructor.

Reviews and Feedback

SK8 Sports would like to share all of our reviews from iTunes.

While we would prefer our users to contact our technical assistance department directly before posting reviews to iTunes, we still value feedback from our users. We are currently aware of a recent problem that many users are experiencing. After days of testing and research, we have found the glitch that is causing the application to freeze up for some users when using the SK8 Sport Recorder section. We’d like to apologize to any of our users that are experiencing this glitch and let them know that we are working on fixing the problem and releasing an update soon. SK8 Sports is constantly working on improving this app for its users and releasing updates with new features. Please feel free to let us know via Facebook or email of any suggestions or improvement and additions you’d like to see. Together, we make this the Ultimate Figure Skating App.

Fantastic (1.4).
by K8ie Coach - Version 1.4 - jan 19, 2012
This is a great app! Parents – please read!!! The info about your ole is spot on! There is so much education here! I’ve been a figure skating coach for 15 years and this is the best info all in 1 place I’ve ever seen. Love the detailed info about competitions and off ice…Of course consult with your coach(es) – this app is a great launching pad for important conversations competitive skaters should be having…but this app will give you a strong foundation! I want all my students to get this ASAP!

Great For Coaching But….
by ibkassi1 - Version 1.4 - Jan 14, 2012
I am experiencing the same problem on my iPad and on my Iphone. The app will crash after almost every video I take. It was only happening every once in a while , but now it is almost every time. My students now joke about it and say "ill go practice so you can restart it before I see my video. "this is truly a GREAT teaching tool when it works!!! It's just a matter of getting it to work. Also is there a way to export the video quickly so I don't have to delete every video one by one?

App Continuously crashing! (1.4.
by V.26 - Version 1.4 - Jan 9, 2012
I really enjoy using the app but have one serious concern. It crashes on me (and I have inquired from others as well that it does the same to them). It is a remarkable tool, but I can be on the ice recording…it crashes…playback, it crashes as I am showing my students, uploading to home to Facebook, it crashes. One night it crashed on me in a matter of 15 minutes, 5 times. I close out all other apps before I use this one just to make sure its not causing this, and still, it crashes. Other people I have talked to assumed it

Sk8sports app (1.4).
by CoachOnice - Version 1.4 - Dec 31, 2011
Great coaching tool! The motion analysis video tool is very convenient and my students like the video library in slow and pause mode. Very useful!

Video Downtime Problem Fixed by Team

The development team at Sk8sports would like to apologize for any downtime of the video downloads that some users may have experienced today. Due to end of the year server maintenance, some videos may not have been accessible for a few hours on Dec. 30th. The problem is fixed and all videos are running perfectly. Please review our excellent positive feedback and reviews over the past 6 months. We thank our users for all of their support and are happy to offer them some very exciting updates to the app in the upcoming year. Please like us on Facebook to stay connected with us and be informed of ourlatest updates. Thank you so much.

Videos Wont play (1.4).
by Jesikah707 - Version 1.4 - Dec 30, 2011
I bought this app last night and the videos have yet to work... I wish the review from today was there yesterday:(

Videos can't viewed (1.4).
by TLSTL - Version 1.4 - Dec 30, 2011
The app initally worked well, and the instructional videos were quite helpful. but recently i have been unable to download the video and the developer's website appears to be inoperative. i wouldn't purchase the app until/unless this is resolved.

Happy Coach (1.3).
by Michelle Chevarie - Version 1.4 - Oct 21, 2011
Love this! Very helpful during lessons to be able to break down jumps frame by frame. My skaters love it too!!

Ok (1.2).
by JewelsE87 - Version 1.2 - Aug 19, 2011
A few of the jumps are mislabeled or switched with others. For example the "double flip three turn entrance" is actually a double salchow. If you are a parent or skater please ask your coach to make sure you are getting the correct information! Several ISI dance steps are missing in the videos as well. Good videos if you know what to watch for and the games are cute and educational.

Good (1.2).
by Sporty6435 - Version 1.2 - Aug 19, 2011
I learned a lot. However, there is not a side by side comparison capability like the golf programs. I want to compare my jumps side by side with the demo skater. If they could add that it would be great.

Sk8sports (v1.2).
by Frozen Pink Panther - Version 1.2 - Jul 27, 2011
An amazing app! A must have for every skater, parent and coach! My daughter especially enjoys playing the games. As a parent I have to say that it has really helped me understand the sport and the skill levels as my daughter progresses thru the various stages feeding into the US Figure Skating Program.

Excellent app with lots of potential! (v1.2).
by Figrsk8pro - Version 1.2 - Jul 27, 2011
I think this is by far one of the best skating apps I have seen! It is not only fun and educational but can be a terrific way for coaches, skaters and parents to communicate with each other. I look forward to additional updates and I believe will be the future of our sport!


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